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Weekly Words

Words are constantly being added into the dictionary every day! In fact, the word “Muggle” had been added into the Oxford dictionary because of the Harry Potter influence. The past year, the word “selfie” also made it to the list of new words added to the dictionary. Awesome, right?

Now here are words that may or may not be familiar to you. In any case, they’re pretty awesome. There are more words to come soon.

1. Interrobang (n.) – the combination of the question mark and exclamation point (?!); usually, this is used for rhetorical questions with strong emotion

Interrogate with a bang and use an interrobang!

2. Desiderium (n.) – longing for something lost; often accompanied by the feeling of melancholy

When she lost Percy, she tried to get rid of the desiderium she was feeling.

3. Camelopard (n.) – giraffe

A long-necked, hump-less camel with spots like a leopard was once called a camelopard. Ancient people were so creative at naming things.

4. Bugbear (n.) – source of fear and anxiety; a persistent problem

I’m sick and tried of hearing a Barney song! The tune is a bugbear that won’t stop.

5. Taradiddle (n.) – a lie; a fabricated tale

I doubt anyone’s going to believe Pinocchio’s taradiddle now that his nose is as long as my arm.

6. Disambiguate (v.) – to make something clear or obvious

He’s confusing me. He’s trying to disambiguate the ambiguous ambiguity.

7. Rimple (n.) – a wrinkle, (v.) – to wrinkle

The printing press had a problem and printed ‘A Rimple in Time’, which caused Miss L’Engle to throw a fit.

8. Gloaming (n.) – twilight

Presenting a not-so-new vampire love story titled “Gloaming”, about a human girl named Ella Swanlake who fell in love with an older guy, Eddard Kitten.

9. Slipshod ( adj.) – careless or not well done

Editors don’t like slipshod manuscripts.

10. Brusque (adj.) – rough or blunt

Hagrid’s brusque voice often grated on Mr. Filch’s nerves. To be fair, Mr. Filch’s creepy voice grated on everyone’s nerves.



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