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The Rich Man and the Poor Man


A piece inspired from the Bible, The Rich Man and the Poor Man is, as you can guess, a dialogue between the rich man and the poor man. The poor man looks on as the rich man eats and lives in splendor. The Rich tosses the crumbs to the Poor. The last two lines of the piece are its most memorable parts, used and quoted by people around the world.

 The Rich Man and the Poor Man

“Food and money I give to you,

Why do you shout so mercily

When I give you your part?”

queried the rich man.

The poor man replied:

“Your question you cannot answer

For from pain and agony you are free,

But I have suffered and borne

The situation that I don’t like to be in.”

“That I couldn’t understand

Because Life for me is easy;

I take this and take that,

And life is just what I want it to be.”

consented the rich man.

“Comfort your mind, rich man,

with realities of death.

Your wealth I do not envy

For you can not buy

eternity with money.

If to live happily

is to live in hypocrisy,

Then I prefer to be silly

so I would be holy.

Life you love so much you will lose

And only then will you understand

What agony is,” the poor man shouted.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! You say so

For you desire this place of mine.

Indulgence you have clouded with reason

But I understand because of your situation.”

boastfully the rich man said.

Outraged the poor man answered:

“How pitiful the person blinded with pleasure;

No, you don’t care of our journey

That you have created through your greediness.

Come now, man of weak soul!

Your days are numbered for you to face

The Man of Love.

You may not cry now but later you will

When the chilling reality of the last judgment

Comes across your way;

Yes, then you will pity, but not for me.

Not for anybody else.

But for yourself only!

Yes, eat, drink, and be merry.

For tomorrow you shall die!



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